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  heat exchanger tube
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Manufacturing Process
Finned Tube
Embedded (G) Type Footed (L) Type Overlapped Footed (LL) Type
The strip is embedded under the tension
in a groove(0.25mm) of the base tube.
This fin tube is applicable to high
temperature. Temp. 400℃(750℉)
This strip is wound under the tension
around a base tube.
- Temp.130℃(270℉)
Overlapped wound tension on L-Fin.
Economical altemative for Extruded fin
tube. Temp. 165℃(330℉)
L-Fin tube G-Fin tube Extruded-Fin tube Low-Fin tube
Knurled (KL) Type Extruded Serrated Type Extruded Type
Knurled tubes enhance the
bond-age of the L-Fins.
Temp. 250℃(480℉)
Fins are recommended to improve the
heat transfer coefficient on the airside
by causing turbulence. This is beneficial
when a compact (small) unit is needed
because of avaliable plot plan. Fins are
an excellent option when alloys
(tube and headers)are specified in order
minimize the cost of the unit.
Fins are integrally produced through in
thread from rolling process
- Temp. 285℃(545℉)
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