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Manufacturing Process
Carbon Steel Tube and Pipe
API 5L Line Pipe
Low pressure fluid (oil, gas and other liquid) transmission in oil and gas industry.
Boiler Pipe & Tube
High-pressure Fluids Transmission. For the development of waterwalls.
For manufacturing Re-heater, Heat Ex-changer, Super-heater, Economizer etc.
Standard: ASTM A53/A106/A179/A500/A501; API 5L, PSL1/PSL2, GR.B/X42/X56/X60/X65/X70; ASTM A106,
ASTM A179, ASTM A210 Gr. T5/T9/T11/T22/T91,
Specification: NPS: 1/8"~48“ (OD: 10.3mm ~ 1219.2mm) WT: 1.73mm ~ 55mm LENGTH: Fixed Length (5.8/6/12m), SRL, DRL
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